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Mark's Vision


My name is Mark Earley, and I am running for Leon County Supervisor of Elections.

I've worked in the Leon County Elections Office with Supervisor Ion Sancho for over 20 years. As you may know, Ion is retiring at the end of this, his seventh term in office. It has been an honor and pleasure to have been a trusted member of his team.

Elections are my passion.

Working with Ion for all of these years, I’ve learned a thing or two about elections. I’ve learned to be open about what goes on inside our office. I’ve learned that when you work hard, make smart decisions, and fight for what you know is right, you will be successful and you will earn the trust of those you serve. But over the many years I’ve worked in elections, I have also seen what happens when people become complacent and assume that elections are easy. You have seen it too. Just look around Florida and the election headlines scream out at you year after year.

The lesson is clear. Successful elections are not easy. Making them happen over and over takes expertise, commitment, and knowledge gained through many years of experience.

I'm running for Supervisor of Elections because I am passionate about elections, and I want to continue the tradition of trouble-free, fair, and inclusive elections the citizens of Leon County have come to expect. Ion is endorsing my candidacy and giving me his full support. He trusts me to carry on his work after he retires. I hope you will trust me too.

Things you should know about me.

I'm an engineer, not a politician. I earned my degree from the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering. I'm a certified election professional - at both the state and national levels. I've trained countless poll workers and worked more than 60 major elections. At some point in my career I have done virtually every task needed to conduct an election.


  • designed and tested voter hardware and software,
  • delivered equipment to the polls in nearly every weather environment you can imagine,
  • written procedures and advocated for policy that is now used throughout Florida,
  • guided citizens through the restoration of voting rights process,
  • managed emergency elections after natural disasters,
  • and been called on to speak and share my knowledge with professional groups across the state and the country.

In the years that I have worked for Ion, we have established an enviable record of success. This record is no accident. It takes leadership, knowledge, experience, and technical and organizational skills to get it right. It takes a deep understanding of the many moving parts that make up an election for it all to come together successfully.

My promise to you.

Leon County is my home. I am committed to delivering excellence to you, our Citizens.

If you give me your support, I promise you that:

  • I will always remember that I work for you, the citizens of Leon County,
  • Leon County will continue to have fair, accurate, and open elections,
  • We will use the best technology and procedures to ensure your vote counts and our process is fully transparent and verifiable,
  • I will fight to ensure all citizens have every opportunity to make their voice heard through the voting process.
  • The integrity of our elections will be unquestioned.

I know all candidates make commitments, but I alone have the track record that proves I can deliver on that commitment. Please trust me with your vote.

Thank you.